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As you can see, Emily is enjoying her new home.  She is a real sweetie pie and is already trained to go on the doggie pads.  She has slept at night without crying since she came home with us.  Thanks for raising such a marvelous pet for us.
Sigrid and Larry
July 09"

Hi Chandra, 
Tinkerbell is doing great. She is so smart! Already she comes when her 
name is called. She likes 106.3 the seabreeze radio station. She is 
getting use to us. I leave the music on for her all day/night. 
She is only crying/barking a little. I have her in an open air playpen 
with a door and it is wonderful/she has a soft pink suede dounut bed 
with lots of toys and steve got her a water bottle that hangs on her 
playpen. It is so nice to have her in our lives. She's getting her 
vet visit and shots today. When do I switch her to the adult diamond 
Jenny           July 09"

Gracie is doing great!  She is eating her dry food with gusto now.  Just wish she needed a little more sleep.  She got us up around 1:00 and again at 4:15.  Stayed up the second time.  When we take her out and say "Go Potty Gracie,"
she goes right away and then gets a Cheerio for a treat.  She is so cute.  
Thanks again,
Bruce  July-09"

Hi Chandra,
Thanks for checking with us.  We really loved the puppies and thought you are doing a fantastic job with the dogs, but we are going to wait.  We have so much going on and the timing is not right for us.  We will keep checking back to your website.  Hope your day is blessed!
Chris <><
Hi Chandra,
She is absolutely wonderful!  We love her SO much.  She has been so spoiled and made over that she KNOWS she is the queen of the house.  I took her today for her first vet appointment.  She did really well.  No reactions to the shots.  I stayed right with her the rest of the day to be sure.  The doctor liked her so much that she wrote down your name and number.  She was interested in talking to you about a puppy.  She has several of them from what she says.  We went to Ark Animal Hospital, but Dr. Summerlin was busy this time.  We are scheduled to see him next three weeks.  I have attached a few pictures.  She loves the kids and loves her "binky."  LOL  Our other baby like her like to chew on a we bought her one just to see.  She loves it!  She will go to sleep sucking on it or chewing on it.  It's SO funny!  
Her vet appointment was all clear and she had a very clean bill of health.  I will send more pictures in a few weeks!  We love her dearly!!  Thank you so much!
June 09"

She is doing great.  We have had no inside accidents yet....but we have been constantly going out!  She seems to be adjusting well, she has been pass around to all sorts of people, (everyone loves to pet a puppy).  We have also enrolled in a puppy training/socializing class that starts in a few weeks.  
I found some food in Robertsdale, and I plan on going up today, its just a long drive!
Also, we still are thinking about one of the brothers, my sister is still worried about the work/cost of training another puppy.
Thanks for checking up.
Hi Chandra!
We adopted a puppy from you in June and I just wanted to send a few recent pics. By the way, how much is puppy #5? We are enjoying our puppy. We named him Max and he's completely rotten. He's all done with shots now until next year and got his microchip yesterday. He's a sweetie!
-Kris Brown
P.S. The 3rd picture is with my sister's 7 month old golden retreiver. They had a lot of fun together.

Thanks so much for providing us with Buck. He has fit right into our family. We love him more than words can say. 
We will keep you updated with pictures!
Stephanie :) from Mobile, Alabama
Hi Chandra,
Ava is still doing well, as always!  She is my little sidekick.  I can't wait to have puppies from her next year.  She now weighs 8-9 pounds and I think she will probably gain another pound or so by the time she is fully mature.  I just love her and she fits in well in our home.  People who come over to pick up puppies always ask if she if for sale!  I say NO she will probably never be sold lol but she sure has the right personality to help me out.


Hello Chandra!

I just wanted to let you know the pup is doing great! He was scared the first day or two of course, but had no trouble eating. My other dogs have finally accepted him as a member of their "pack" haha. And he really loves our cream female, Marilyn, probably because she isn't much larger than him haha, they are always playing together. We have definitely fallen in love with his sweet, spunky personality. I am attaching two pictures of him with the boys, I'll try to get some better ones soon to send as well. Thank you again, he's perfect!

Brianna & Cory

Hi Chandra.  I just wanted to check in to let you know that we are in love with our new puppy.  The kids were so suprised and just adore him.  We named him Samson.  He went to the vet on Monday and checked out good.  He's just so sweet....we love him!!  I'm attaching some pics.  Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Missy Nicholson 

Ms. Guntner,

  My boyfriend recently purchased one of Carley's English Cream puppies from you as a Christmas present for me.  I just wanted to write to tell you how wonderful she is.  We already have a male mini in the family (4 years old), and though it was tough at first (he completely ignored her existence for the first couple of days), they're getting along famously now.  They play all the time, snuggle on the couch together, and when we're driving, she'll follow him around whenever he moves, so she can snuggle up to him.  They're absolutely adorable together.
  Not only that, but she seems to be so intelligent!  I have a bell hanging from the back doorknob so my 4 year old can ring it to let me know he needs to go out, and she's already using it too!  She's just amazing!
  She brings such joy into our lives, and I just wanted to let you know.  We're taking great care of her, and she's loving her new home.  Whenever people inquire about mini-dachshunds in the future, I will be recommending your kennel.  Thank you so much!

Andrea Gramer

He's growing up very fast before our eyes! Gorgeous! He's lost all his baby teeth and his new canines are starting to show.

Thought you guys might like to see how your cream brindle is doing. She’s close to 8lbs and is quite the character. I named her Chloe. She’s been awesome J
Take care,
Michael English

Here's a photo of Bayah for you!   Bayah and her brother Bo have adapted very well to each other and are constantly playing together!  They are never apart!
Nathan and Jayce Deain

Chandra, Here's a picture of Bailey. She's just been a wonderful joy to have her in our family. Thank you so much for this cuddle bug. She get a lot of looks when we go places from other Dachshund owners they always say they haven't seen one in her color before. She's been a really good dog. Thank you, Shawn 

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Hi Chandra,
    Bentley is doing great!  He's almost 3yrs old now.  He is just the sweetest little guy.  He loves to play with his ball, and run around at the beach.  He does great on the boat too.  His swimming skills need a little work, but he loves getting in the water!  :o)  We love him so much!
Thank you,
~The Brocks
April 2010

Hi Chandra, here is a few pics of these siblings lately. 
They have been great together and we keep saying how
glad we are that we got two of them. Although Koa is much
more calm and relaxed than his sister, Kalani seems to always
push the limits. They are learning their tricks just great and 
always looking for one another. We have had so many 
compliments on how beautiful their coats are and color, 
when asked where we get them
of course referred to you. Hope all is well. 

Jake & Emily Forbes
Koa & Kalani

Hey Chandra!
Just wanted to give you another update on Dash. He learned to sit a couple days ago and now we are working on some more tricks. He's been very good. His weight for his first appointment was 3.8lbs and 2 days ago he was already at 4.4. He gets so much attention from everybody that meets him and I always tell them where to find you. I attached a couple pictures. More to come. Thank you so much for Dash! We love him so much!
-Jody, Andy & Dash

Hi Chandra, just thought I'd let you know we made it home safe, and tilly has taken to her crate wonderfully! We can already tell what a great pet she is! 


Thought you'd enjoy seeing your former puppies.  We are real happy with both
of them.
Subject: Our Two Dogs
Here are some pictures of our two dogs.  The larger one is Toodles and she is 3 years old and until Buddy came into the family last week, she was kind of quiet and retiring, The Queen.  Buddy put an end to that!!  He is 12 weeks old and full of energy, fight and fun and he takes it to her most of the time.  She is learning to protect herself and to give back as well.  She has even begun attacking him but he is still the aggressive one.  Typical little boy!!  We have a lot of fun with them both.This is one way to lower the blood pressure.  Can't help but laugh at themand their escapades.
Love ya

Monday Chloe will be a year old and I just wanted to take the time to again thank you for what you do.  She has indeed been a great joy to our family.  Her personality is so strong I just had to sent you a few photos of her.  As you can see in some of the pictures she amuses us.  Everywhere we go people comment on how pretty she is and many ask us where we got her.  I have no problem giving anybody your information.  I view your website occasionally still attempting to win my husband over to get Chloe a brother but every time he gets close we get our children's dogs for a week and that makes us enjoy just having one.  But maybe one day.  I can't wait to see the puppies from Belle and JR.  
Again thanks for our little Chloe
Sheryl Chance


Hey Chandra ~
  I can't believe Bentley is 4 already!  
He is doing great, and still the sweetest little guy! Hope you & the family are doing well. 
Tina Brock


Hi Chandra,
Just wanted to give you a quick update that Macy (Cherry) is doing great. She feels completely at home now and is enjoying her new family.  My girls adore her. She had her surgery last Friday and is doing well. She had her stitches out already and all her shots are up to date. Dr. Hall said she wanted to clean her teeth in 6 months. I hope you got the pictures and letters from the girls we sent a couple of weeks ago. Please feel free to use them on your website if you would like. I’ll check in from time to time to let you know how she’s doing. Thank you again for the wonderful gift you have given our family.

Susan Gray


Hi, we bout a Dachshund from you in Dec 2008, never sent a pic. just thought we'd send a pic of JJ. We ran the annual Dachshund race in pensacola... and he won, and heres a pic. 


Hi Chandra

We bought a few dachshunds from you a few years ago.  A friend of mine is looking for a dacshund a few years old for his Mother.  This is a good a home for a dog.  I have been so impressed with our dogs that we bought from you.  Do you or someone you know have a dachshund a few years old available?  Male or female does not matter.  Thank you.  Mike Palmer



Hi Mrs Guntner! We just wanted to send you a couple pictures of our baby Remi!! She is the most adorable, funny, and lovable little dog ever. She makes us smile everyday.... The 7 hour drive up to get her was well worth it, and it really set my mind at ease to see that she came from such a wonderful environment. You'll be hearing from us again soon for a second little one once we get moved into our new home. Thanks again! Robby and Monica



Hey Chandra,

Cody and I purchased an English cream male from you in December and here is a picture of him with our other dachshund, Liam. They are the best of friends and won't go anywhere without each other. Oliver aka "Ollie" was the easiest dog to train that we have had. He listens very well. Thank you so much for him :) 



We made it home in one piece. Sophie didn't sleep, but she chilled during most of the drive. She's sleeping now.
Thank you so much for the goodie bag. That was very kind of you to supply those things for us, making our transition a little easier.
I will send you photos as soon as we start taking some. I enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again in the future for another addition to our canine family.
If I hear of anyone searching for a dachshund I'll be sure to recommend you.
Have a great summer. 
So this is Booty. Our puppy we got from you in June. He was from Daisy and Basil. We just thought you would like to see him all grown up! We love him! Thanks again. He is the perfect dog!

Brett and Sarah Boot
We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying “Girlie”.   Thank you for everything.   Jill and Ned from Ft Walton Beach

Just a couple pics! Sorry they are kind of blurry…snapped them with my phone.  I named him Sanders and he is absolutely adorable and we have so much fun together! 
Thanks so much!
We love our puppy!  And I think it's safe to say he loves us!  Thank you :) jan 2012
Hey Tundra, 
I wanted to write and say that I still love your dogs and puppies! I was given a Christmas Puppy for Christmas 08'. She was a long haired, pie bald black and white puppy. her mommy was Cherry and her Daddy I can't remember his name!... But We named her Princess! Love her to pieces, she became my life!!!... I was single at the time and living in SC. I have attached a photo of her from her picture you posted that Christmas.! I got married Nov. 09 and we moved to Charleston SC with her!! We loved her like our Child!!!... I don't have any memory in the last 3 years without her~!.. We moved to NC last July of 10' and I was Pregnant with our first child.. Princess was with me through the entire pregnancy, my little bed buddy!!.. She was even with me the night my water broke at 2 a.m. and as I walked through contractions before leaving for the hospital,s he was right by my side, laying her head on me, and licking me!! A memory I can't and won't forget!!.. She was my first baby, and I am so glad she got to meet our Baby girl Bralyn. She was born March 20th, and the day I came home from the hospital I cried and cried as I walked in (it was hard knowing Princess wasn't my baby baby anymore, but more too I was gone from her for 4 days).. I hope you are understanding as I write this now, that we don't have her anymore, and how special she was to me. Bralyn got to meet her big sister, and was with her for 2 months. It was just before Princess left us, that Bralyn was starting to notice her and watch her, and pull at her! MEMORY I treasure SO MUCH!!!... I know some think it is just a dog, but she was my baby. Now that Bralyn is 9 months old, I cry often thinking of her not getting to hold Princess, or play with her, or love her.. She loves Doggies and says the word Doggie and it KILLS ME!
I wanted to attach some photos of her, and let you know how I THANK YOU for breeding her and allowing us to have her in our lives for almost 3 years.. 

One morning (June 4th 2011) We let her out to potty as we did every day. it was 7am.. I opened the door, walked over and laid our baby down and heard a TERRIBLE noise, I walked to the window and saw her run from back yard to front, as I got to the front door, she was GONE, like Vanished...
Princess never left our yard, and walked without a leash in our quiet neighbood near no ROADS. She was a homebody dog, and slept in our bed, she never left my side. 
So running away isn't a THOUGHT to us.. 
We have come to the conclusion after HOURS and HOURS of searching by foot, car, (taht day).. craigslists, adoption places, vets, newspapers, online and vet hospitals, that we believe a HAWK (or large bird, we have those around).. got her :( ..
I have had a hard time with this, and writing this letter has taken a while to finish. I know you don't need any answer or this email, but it is closure for me to say thank you and to let you konw!. I still haven't put her toys away or blankets. I know she is gone :( but I am just now accepting it.. I think it has been the hardest due to NO ANSWERS or nothing.. I at one point just wanted to find her so I could have closure! :( 
But Thank you seriously for breeding such an INCREDIBLE family member of ours!... I hurt so much still and cry often at memories or just thinking of her now.. I know I will move on, but we just lOVED her so!!
Enjoy these pictures, we Treasure them!!
Jessica Turner

I see that you have Pearl & Bones both up for adoption.
Art bought our little Charlie from their 9/9/09 litter and he is the light of our life!!
He is such a happy & social little guy and is so loving with everyone!
We lost Charlie’s playmate last March from old age and he was so lonely and mourned Caesar’s death so much that Art & I kept watch on your site looking for an adult adoption. Unfortunately there were none during this time 
In June, God placed someone in my life that had a female doxie that they were no longer able to keep and she was born the May before Charlie was in September. Needless to say, Summer now has a forever home with us and she and Charlie are inseparable!!
What are you asking for Pearl & Bones? They are so beautiful and with the personality that Charlie has I know that his parents have to have great dispositions also 
From looking at the pictures of them, it appears that Charlie received the best of both of them. I really see Charlie when looking at Bones face!
I have attached some pics for you to see how well he is doing.
I’m so thankful that Art found y’all when he was looking for my Christmas present in 2009!!

Hi Chandra,
Here are some pictures of our girls Shug (dark color) and Honey (light color).  They are 4 1/2 months old now.  They were born December 6,  (Shug)  and December 7,  (Honey).  We really love them.  They are so smart and loving.
We were wondering if  you could take a picture of Shug and Honey's parents  so we know what they look like.  Shug is very petite and Honey is a little porker. Ha Ha
Thank you so much Chandra,
Gina O'Kennon

Chandra we made it home with no car sickness. She is very sweet and I already love her. Thank you very much for everything in the gift bag. My sister had told me they love nylabones. I promise pics for you!
Seems like just yesterday I picked up my baby from your home. Just wanted to say he has been the most WONDERFUL addition to OUR home.  Its been about a year a half so just wanted to share a couple pictures. I can't wait to come visit eventually and bring him home a brother ;-) 

All the best,


Hi there! Yes we renamed Anna, not sure why but she answers quickly to Pippa. 
She's doing well, active, eats, drinks and loves to sleep in our laps. We love holding her and she just makes us laugh many times a day!!  

Potty training is coming along even better than I could have hoped. I'm using the LiL Rascal system, 18x13 piece of artificial grass and she's only had 4 accidents and those were my fault!!  Lots if "good girl" makes her happy!! 

Thanks for working with us and I will keep you updated. 


Hanna aka Molly loves to play...Thanks again....She is growing fast..
Clean Vet check..

Gary and Tamy Martin
Hi Chandra!  
Just wanted to give you an update on my little baby!  He's doing great!  Lots of playing and lots of sleeping :)  I attached some pictures for you!  Hope you had a Merry Christmas and hope you have a very Happy New Year!  
Thanks again for all of your help! 
- Kaitlin 

Hi Chandra,
I wanted to send you a picture of our Max and Roscoe. Max we adopted from you two years ago and Roscoe last year. I believe you said your husband was calling Roscoe, Charlie Brown. They also have a brother Nickelz who we did not adopt from you. I rescued him. All three get along fantastic and Roscoe is a BABY!!! We just purchased a new travel trailer which we call "Weinerbago" and they love going camping. We are actually heading down your way to Emerald RV Park the middle of November. Roscoe is getting fixed Nov 1 and it can't come fast enough. He has type-a personality and it's driving me nuts. 
Thank you for such beautiful dachsie's. They complete our lives. 
Have a wonderful holiday.
Terri & Bert Lagasse
Max, Roscoe and Nickelz
PS: The family from Huntsville, AL
PSS: Max is on the left. Roscoe on the right. 

Callie has been wonderful and we absolutely adore her. She is so sweet and playful and gets along great with our aussie. She acts like she is so much bigger and in charge lol. Thank you so much for the bag of goodies as well :) we will definitely keep in touch with updates! Hope you are doing well. 
Brittany & Matthew
I promise that I will not send pictures every day...LOL! But one more....(:  
I just wanted to thank you for all your patience with me, and all my questions. I have had dachshunds from other breeders, and I will have to say, Izzy is special. She comes to us pre-loved, it is obvious!! I am impressed with her. She all ready fetches. I showed her the doggie door, and she mastered it within minutes. 

  Just wanted to let you know that Ana is doing great. She loves to run after her sister outside and spends a lot of time trying to get her to play with her, but hasn't happened yet. She loves everyone and runs at life with everything she has. She's a beautiful, smart little girl and she lifts my spirit when I watch her ears fly as she runs across the room or yard. She found the big dogs' toy box last night and has almost completely emptied it --> I don't know how she managed, she's so small, but toys are everywhere. She doesn't have a lot of time to snuggle she's too busy playing, but she gives the best kisses. Thank you and Snickers for the sweet little girl that has come to live with me.
Hey Chandra,

I just wanted to send you a couple of pics of Jack. He is a great dog! I am really enjoying having him. He goes to work with me every day and I was just planning on doing that for a little while but everyone at work insists Jack is here everyday so I guess it's gonna be a group effort. Lol He is eating it up!

Hello Chandra,

Just wanted to send you a few pics of Sparky (Blueberry/Bullet). He is doing great and weighs 7.5 pounds. We'll have him neutered in mid-Nov.I will send you a copy of the paperwork. He's a sweet pup, a definite
lapdog. Thanks!

Melissa Fulford​

I was just thinking about you this morning. Yes my son is adjusting and Bullet and him are having a ball. Below is a picture , but we will send you a few more later on. Thanks again for everything. :)
Hey Chandra, I hope this email finds you and your family doing well. I wanted to update you on Max.  He stands up like that when he wants his treats or his toys. He started doing that on his own. He is something else! And the kids love him! I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks again for the awesome addition to our family!!!
Thanks for the update on max,glad you guys are enjoying him.
He will be spoiled in no time.LOL


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I thought you might like the video. I can tell from our first pictures that Mollie is growing and her body is elongating into more of a dog than a round little puppy. She wears a little harness and leash now when we take her out in the front yard because she tends to dash toward the street. She is playful and sweet and oh so verbal! She lets us know when she doesn't like something and cries if she doesn't see us. She's so much fun and is eating and sleeping well at night.​

Mollie is doing so well. My husband is in love with her also. She has quite a playful personality and is now napping on the floor with my husband. We have an appointment Monday morning for our favorite vet to meet Mollie. ​
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