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    Guntners Mini Dachshunds
       Cantonment, Florida

Buyer's Name:                                                         
Buyer's Address:                                                   
City, State, Zip Code:                                              
Phone #:                            
Purchased a dachshund from:
Breeder; Chandra Guntner
1702 Jacks Branch Rd
Cantonment, Florida 32533
Phone #: (850)-293-4447  AKC Litter Registration #:______________
Limited Akc Spay/neuter Contract (Pet)  or  Full Akc (Breeding)           
Name of Sire:                                   
Name of Dam:                                   

A Deposit of $            was paid towards the full purchase price of $                  Theres a remaining balance of $_______________ Which is due before any dog/puppy can be picked up or shipped.                 
Please note that the above mentioned puppy is being sold as pet quality only. Purchaser agrees to Neuter/spay the puppy before it reaches 1 year of age. All Akc papers will be held until proof of spay/neuter has been done.

Purchaser agrees to supply seller with a veterinarians letter by mail as proof of spay/neuter if purchaser fails to spay/neuter this puppy and provide proof to seller before 1 year of age, then the purchaser will not receive Akc paperwork and this agreement is void. 

All Puppies Sold With Full Akc Papers please use our Kennel name "Guntners".

Replacements will be made if the following conditions are met: If the puppy has a hereditary problem and the dog is returned within 48 hours. Please take your dog/puppy to your vet! All replacements will be made upon availability and for the same value, unless the buyer pays the difference. NO CASH REFUNDS OR REFUNDS ON SHIPPING! 

We do not guarantee against adult size, conformation or trainability. We do not guarantee against Alopecia (Skin problems) in dilute colors.

We do not guarantee against accidents, abuse or neglect.

A licensed veterinarian must check all puppies within 72 hours to activate this agreement. All puppies have had their first shots and have been wormed in accordance of its age. We feed our puppies Iams Puppy food. If you decide to change food, please do so gradually to prevent any upset to the puppy's stomach, which might cause diarrhea that could lead to dehydration. I don't guarantee puppies against this! We guarantee this puppy for up to 2 years on any life threatening genetic disease.

If you have read this thoroughly and agree that $200.00 Non-Refundable / Non - Transferable deposit is required to hold a puppy under a $999.00 and $500.00 Non_Refundable deposit for a puppy over a $1000.00 then at 6 weeks of age the remaining balance must be paid in full. Then please sign below. There are No Refunds unless something happens to the puppy while in our care.

Enjoy your new puppy!!

Breeder's Signature ______________________

Buyer's Signature ________________________    

Click here to view our spay/neuter contract!
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  Chandra Guntner
   Cantonment, Florida 
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