Please Note: These dogs listed on this page are not for sale!
All dogs have been tested for Brucellosis tests, Heartworm and Patella .
This page was last updated: January 7, 2018
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  Chandra Guntner
   Cantonment, Florida 
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Black and Tan 
Smooth Coat
Champion lines
chocolate piebald
Smooth Coat

Black & Tan
Black & Tan 
Smooth Coat
 Solid Chocolate 
Carries Cream
Smooth Coat
Champion Lines
Showing now
PRA Clear
Chocolate & tan
Long coat
Black & Tan
Smooth Coat
"AKC Champion Dancer"
Smooth Coat
Solid Black
Smooth Coat
"Name Pending!" 
Isabella & Tan

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 Red Piebald 
Smooth Coat