Mission Statement:

Our mission here at Guntners kennel in our breeding program is to produce miniature dachshunds conforming to AKC breed standards with great conformation and excellent temperaments. 
We produce high quality puppies that will be around for many years to come.
We offer a  2 year health guranttee and a lifetime assistance when you purchase a baby from us.
Sorry we do not sell cheap puppies !
All puppies will be sold as Spay/Neuter contract only unless other arrangements have been made.
Our puppies start at 1000.00 and up for pet/spay/neuter contract
We carefully select or dogs for breeders all over the US,and some have import lines: many have Champion Lines.
Some have acquired there Akc Championship.
Please also be aware that we like to get to know all our potential buyers and we may ask for vet reference as well.
We like to find the best homes possible for our babies.
Please provide us with some info about yourself when inquiring about our babies!

How we started:
We established our kennel In 2003. 
Although we've had dachshunds since 1991.
  We shopped around for good quality bloodlines to get us started in our breeding program. It is very important to choose a good temperamented and healthy dog for breeding. We hope to produce the finest quality in our dachshunds and to pass on our experiences as being a dachshund breeder. 
  We Feed our babies Iams Puppy Food !              
Our puppies are born inside and kept both inside and outside as they get older. We personally take the time to bond with each pup. We feel that socialization is just as important as their health, and we take pride in the care we give to our dogs/puppies.
Puppies are able to leave our home at 8 weeks of age in most circumstances which is a Florida Law.
Occasionally we may keep a puppy back for a few extra days or until we feel comfortable enough to let him leave our home.

From the time your puppies weaned until 4 months of age, you should feed your puppy 2-3 small meals a day based on the guidelines of a food label. After 4 months of age, your puppy should be fed twice a day on a regular schedule.

Always have fresh water available!
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Colors :

                          Dachshunds come in many colors Blue&tan,Isabella&tan,chocolate,blk&tan,red,cream,blk&cream,chocalate&cream
Look on our past puppies page and you will find many of these colors listed.
Patterns:  Dapple, Double Dapple,Brindle,Piebald,dapple piebald or Solid
We do not knowingly sell to Pet Stores,Brokers or Puppy Mills or commercial breeders.